How long does each service take?

These are general guidelines. Client Service can share more specifics based on your particular project and conditions at the time.

Typical turnaround times by Service are:

  • Receiving can take 1 to 3 business days for Compliant receipts. Non-compliant receipts can take one or two weeks, maybe longer, depending on the degree of non-compliance.
  • On-demand Production can take 2 to 5 business days.
  • See here regarding Screen Printing.
  • Fulfillment of direct-to-customer orders that are compliant with Amplifier’s Order Conveyance Process and that contain only in-stock, ready-to-ship, finished-goods inventory generally occurs on the next business day. Significant spikes in order volume may take longer. Posters and specialized packaging or presentation can require more time. B2B shipments will require at least a week, maybe longer depending on complexity and volume.
  • Kitting and Make Ready projects can require at least 5 business days. Assembly varies based on the complexities of the project.

If your account is paused due to an invoice not being paid on time, Amplifier service activity will cease until your account is current again.