How Do I Integrate My Online Store?

Integrating your online store with our platform is the easiest way to send your order data to Amplifier.  We currently offer integration with the following commerce platforms:

We are continuously expanding our integrations.  If you don't see yours, please contact us to discuss your preferred platform.


Integration Points

Depending upon the degree of integration available for your preferred commerce platform, Amplifier can synchronize:

  • Orders: Delivers your online store orders to Amplifier, usually in real time;
  • Inventory: Receives continuously-updated inventory levels from our Warehouse.  Amplifier's WMS is the system of record for all inventory levels and supplies your store with the latest counts (at least once a day.)  
  • Shipment Status: Upon shipping, Amplifier updates your online store with tracking numbers for all shipments. In most cases, this Shipment Status synchronization can also trigger your ecommerce platform to send automatic shipment-confirmation emails to customers.


Additional Methods To Transit Order Data

In addition to ecommerce integration, Amplifier clients may also: