How do I enable Amplifier to handle my Customer Service?

Some Clients choose for Amplifier to handle their Customer Service. To best serve your customers, we provide:

  • A pre-populated FAQ
  • An Order Status tool to allow your customers to learn where their Order is
  • A customer service Web form for each of your configured Order Sources

To connect your customers with Amplifier's support resources, just embed the Customer Service Tool into your Order Source's support page.

  1. Click "Support" in the main menu.
  2. Click the "Customer Service Tool" sub-menu.
  3. Find your order source and copy the related iframe code.
  4. Embed the provided iframe code on your order source's support page.

On the same Customer Service Tool page, you can customize the style of the tool with the Custom CSS field below the corresponding iframe code. Reference the provided CSS Styling Guide as needed. If the content of the FAQ needs to be modified, reach out to Amplifier's client service team for assistance.