How do I Order Screen Printing & Bulk Goods?

To place your Screen Print order with Amplifier, click the Designs button on the left navigation then click "Bulk Order".

Design & Information


Choose the Product Category, Type, Brand, etc. The choices available are based on historic purchase data. Contact Client-Service if you don't see the Blank you're looking for. You'll also note that in most cases, a real time estimate of cost is provided in the top right. (e.g. $5.07 @ 200 Units) This price will dynamically update as you supply us with additional information.



Next tell us the new Item's Name and SKU Prefix. In this example, our product is name "The Bolt Shirt" and the SKU Prefix is "AMP-BOLT". As sizes are added, we will append Size-Suffixes automatically. (i.e. A Small is made given the SKU "AMP-BOLT-S")



You will also be asked to supply Product Artwork directly in the builder. We ask for the highest resolution artwork you have, ideally it is Vector-based artwork in Adobe Illustrator or PDF format ( Adobe Photoshop, PNG, TIFF and other formats are acceptable but may necessitate additional artwork manipulation and subject to separate Art fees.) Once you've uploaded the Artwork, please select its print Location, the desired Width and Height of the printed artwork, and the number of Colors of Ink needed for the print. For each additional Color, the price will increase automatically. Also please note that all Flashes are now Free.




If you wish us to print with Discharge Inks, select the Checkbox. Additionally, if you have job related specific instructions, please supply them in the COMMENTS field. Lastly, we strongly recommend you supply us with a Preview Image of the Shirt as you wish it to be printed. Confusion can be eliminated when you show us what you want it to look like.






To finish your Order, complete the remaining fields. Note that if you are producing Inventory for individual sale (for online stores or crowdfunding campaigns) you will need to select "Put In My Inventory." Once the job is printed, these Units will appear in your ITEMS. Most Items will require Barcoding per the 2015 Routing Guide update and may be subject to an additional Make Ready fee (e.g. "Fold/Bag/Barcode Shirts"). You will be notified of this in advance of the print run.

If you wish the inventory to be shipped in Bulk to a Single Address, select "Ship to My Address."

You will be shown a production price based on all of the information you've provided. You may then choose to pay view Credit Card or be Invoiced. Additionally, you will be given a final opportunity to confirm your order. Amplifier Client Service will review your order and, where necessary, update specifications or collect additional information. Once they have done you, you will be sent the final estimate for approval.