How are fraudulent orders handled?

You are responsible for managing fraud risk, setting your own risk thresholds, and handling alerts.

  • Amplifier does not police fraud for clients.
  • Once order data is transmitted to Amplifier, fulfillment and other processes begin. While you may be able to edit/cancel an order after transmitting order data to Amplifier, the surest approach is not to send fraud-alerted orders to Amplifier until you have reviewed and approved them.

Amplifier strongly recommends Clients use fraud-detection tools when evaluating orders.  

  • Shopify and other ecommerce platforms often have decent fraud-management tools. We recommend Subuno
  • Subuno can be set to not capture payment from alerted orders, which is helpful because orders pass to Amplifier after payment is captured, so there isn't risk that Amplifier will ship an alerted order.
  • Once you or your agent approves an alerted order and clicks a button to accept payment, it then is sent to Amplifier for work.

Fraud often originates from specific countries.

  • If this is the case for your particular store, consider eliminating the offending country from your list of available shipment destinations.
  • Even a small amount of effort on your part can go a long ways towards eliminating fraudulent orders.

Please review fraud-management options with your ecommerce platform, and feel free to share questions and input with Client Service.