Long Term Storage Policy

July 27, 2016

Amplifier is updating our policies with respect to long term storage.  We are not a facility built to store non-moving or ultra low-velocity inventory.  In keeping with industry best practices, Amplifier will be performing an annual assessment of client inventory to identify excessive quantities of non-moving inventory. We will offer you the option of:

  • shipping the inventory to you
  • shipping the inventory to a different storage facility
  • leaving it at Amplifier under a Long Term Storage Rate of $50/month/pallet

Less than 5% of total client inventory is currently estimated to be subject to Long Term Storage fees, it's not expected to materially impact most clients. Those subject to Long Term Storage fees will be notified with the total number of pallets subject to Long Term Storage fees. These changes will become effect September 1, 2016.  In certain cases, Amplifier may elect to move inventory to another secure location for Long Term Storage.  In such instances, the Inventory will still be visible inside the Amplifier platform, but retrieval may involve delays. 

We strongly recommend exploring storage solutions such as FLEXE if you have more than 50 pallets of non-moving inventory.