What are Amplifier's different Plans?



Amplifier Plans are built to enable clients at all stages of maturation.   New Clients often lack experience and don't yet have a track record. Mature clients often know what they are doing but choose Amplifier to help them innovate.  



The LIGHT Plan is simply for those wanting to procure Screen Printed goods in bulk.  We will indefinitely host Designs for them but there is no real "order management" behind this.  



STARTER is for those seeking pure on-demand solutions.  No inventory risk.  Just print-on-demand with powerful order management (cancel, edit, create, import, etc.) and domestic and international shipping options. 



STANDARD brings support for stocked goods AND print-on-demand.  This is a very powerful combination that generally speaking is not offered by 1 out of 100 fulfillment OR print-on-demand companies.  Mixing these two kinds of goods while still shipping them from the same facility (usually in the same shipment) requires a very deep design and mature operation.  You can't "bolt it on" to a pure print-on-demand shop or a simple fulfillment company.


PRO incorporates all of the above and adds API/Webhooks and most notably our very compelling Campaigns features.  If you have ever wanted an easy way to enable merchandise fulfillment WITHOUT ecommerce, this tool is for you.